Main collaborations

Mariver has a strong collaboration with the fishing technology Unit of the Institute of Marine Sciences (ISMAR) of the National Research Council (CNR) of Ancona. Thorugh this collaboration Mariver and CNR-ISMAR of Ancona makes valuable contributions to the development of the fishing industry by undertaking research and development activities in communication technology. Such collaboration concerns not only with fishing gear and relevant vessel features, but also with certain aspects of a wide range of technological factors and their interrelations for the development of fishing as a whole.

The emphasis on applied Research and Development (R&D), serving application and practical purposes, distinguishes the technological scientific activity of Mariver and CNR-ISMAR collaboration from academic research, which however depend on a variety of scientific and engineering disciplines involving specialized research.

The objective of Mariver and CNR-ISMAR relationship is to promote the sustainable development of the sea fisheries sector through the pursuit of new techniques as well as the renewal, modernisation and restructuring of the Italian fishing fleet.

In line with these aims, the main fields of activity of the Mariver and CNR-ISMAR staff laid the following topics:

  • Development and optimization of existing fishing technology;
  • Development of energy saving fishing strategies;
  • Development of fish technology in order to ensure appropriate quality of catch;